Virtual Notepad For Truckers

Create your own trusted locations across the nation.

Store Favorite 

Store your favorite, alternative truck parking locations, repair shops, fuel stops and more on your own exclusive map..

Add Notes

Save important details directly on the location of the shipper/receiver including your negotiated rates, parking availability, gate location, loading times, detention rate or broker information.

Avoid Parking crisis

You don't have to participate in the nationwide truck parking crisis, and you certainly don't have to spend $10-$20 a night to park your truck..

Ensure Free Place

Saving your preferred locations and keeping notes, will help to refine your operation and ensure that you have a free, alternative place to park at anytime time of the day or night.

Search any Place

You can search any place using search feature. App also provide place info and navigation from your current position.

Cloud Support

Trucker Notes is on the  cloud server means that your marked places are transferable from phone to phone now or tablet.If you lose your phone or get a new one, you won't lose your map data.

Trucker Notes Apps


"This is amazing! Just what I needed to keep track of where all MY favorite places are for not only my personal parking spots but all the other services I use but forget where they are...Now they are all on my personal map, so easy to chronical and look up! Thank you!"

Mary Wallace

App User

"This app has been extremely helpful to us over the road. No more forgetting where we found parking last time! Love it!"

Lauri Jones

App User

"Love this app. It saves the parking places I have found. Takes the pressure off of me trying to remember where they are. I just drop a pin and it saves. Easy!!"

Renee Bragg

App User

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